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NGPM ITE has a spacious and beautiful double storied building consisting office room,principals room,class rooms, library,IT lab,laboratory etc.We have a resouceful library and reading room which leads knowledge seekers to a scholastic world. It has more than three thousand books related to different subjects which is a treasure for teacher educators and teacher trainees. In addition to this its reference section has encyclopedias,educational journals, periodicals etc.
Its lab provides facilities for conducting different experiments related to different subjects Learning by Doing is a universally accepted maxim. Our well-equipped lab has a vital role in realising the above maxim. We can't avoid computer,internet ect from our day today life nowadays. In order to meet this chalange we have a well equipped IT lab. 
                In short we have a well furnished,well equipped infrastructure and well trained and experienced teacher educators.
Updated on: 09 Sep 2016